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You must install the free version of Fusion 2.5 in order to play this game, HTML 5 won't load in ink effects rendering this game unplayable so I'm forced to make this downloadable.

Pestilence is a shooter "zombie survival" (original idea) where your main focus is to gain as many points as possible, feel free and post your highscores in the comments I'm interested to see what some of you can get.

I was using the free version of Fusion 2.5 and hit the active object limit so it isn't as pretty as I'd like it to be or as varied.

This is my first real game I've created with Fusion and it definitely has bugs such as shoddy collision, wonky aiming, etc. I've learned a lot how to prevent these bugs in the future but the deadline is a deadline, and the game is certainly still playable.


Use arrowkeys to move, the mouse cursor to aim. You can pick up shotgun shells by touching them with your character and pressing space to load shells individually. In the top right of your screen is a series of numbers, two side by side and one below. The number below is your score, each killed zombie adds 10 points. Side by side, the left number is what is in the chamber of your shotgun. Your shotgun holds a maximum of 8 shells, and on the right of that number is your total shells in which you can load into your gun by pressing space.

Any questions you have feel free and comment below!

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Pestilence 3 MB

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